Brazilian Wax and Its Health Risks

The term Brazilian wax can be explained as the removal of the hair that is present in the genital area. This wax is also done on the area that is present in between the buttocks too. In such waxes, the professionals always tend to leave a small strip of hair and that is termed as the “landing strip” and they are generally present just above the pubic bone.

Facts About the Brazilian Wax

There are certain health risks that this kind of waxes threat. Being aware of such things will always help in choosing the professional for this complicated job.

Health problems that Brazilian wax might cause

Experts say that there is no specific threat to the health problems in the genital area, but this is considered a very risky procedure. This procedure might cause inflammation, irritation, and also infection depending upon the person it is performed on. Especially if the person who is getting it done is having very low immunity then the chances of such threats are pretty high. In fact, in such people, there are high chances of things getting more worsen and it could be dangerous.

The problems with these kind of waxing tend to occur more in cases where the person who has just finished with the procedure wears dresses that are too tight that could cause friction in those areas. This is because the skin in these areas are considered to be very soft when compared to other areas in our body. And hence the skin in this part of the body is more prone to infection, edema that is swelling and irritation.

Procedure of Brazilian wax aggravating the health problems

These things are caused by the procedure that leads to itching that would tempt the person to scratch this area. And on scratching this area gets the inflammation and finally ends up with the infection. Due to the humidity that is naturally present in this area leads this infection to fungal and bacterial growth. While the person naturally tends to scratch to soothe the itching they damage the skin that acts as a barrier of protection to this area.
This adds on to the infection to be increased more. To avoid all such possible threats to the health of the person undergoing this procedure it is always better to check and do proper research of the saloon you will be getting it done. If possible you should also check and consider the person who is going to perform this procedure on you.

If you are getting this wax done by a person who is inexperienced and not a professional then there are chances for you to get rippled skin, burns, and other such things. If the saloon is not very good and well maintained in its hygiene factor then their chances for the transmission of sexual diseases too. Finding a very well maintained clean saloon, who is also licensed to practice the same us very important.

Make sure such salons you choose should be using the disposable waxing sheets for a Brazilian wax, along with gloves that are also disposable, and if they are using the metal spatulas then they are sterilized. Or they should be using the spatulas of the wooden material or even plastic that are meant only for the single-use.