About Large Pores – All You Need to Know

Have you ever looked at your face up close in the mirror and felt like your pores were too big? Unfortunately, you are not the only one suffering from enlarged pores as it is a common occurrence in people with a history of acne or pimples. Large pores can be unsightly and many people will do all they can to minimize this problem.

What you need to know

Large pores and all you need to know

These small openings on the skin serve as a conduit for sweat but also contribute to a condition of acne and oily skin. Pores when clogged lead to inflammation of the skin. One thing to note about pores is that their structure will always remain the same and there’s not much that can be done about that. The most thing anyone can do is look for ways to minimize the pores. The first thing of importance is to determine what its causes large pores and to look for ways to minimize their appearance.

Causes of large pores

After a lot of research, it is now clear that contributing factors to large pores are oily skin, age, and sex of the person. When skin is oily, the oil and possibly dirt may accumulate underneath the skin making the pores appear larger. As people grow older, their skin loses its elasticity making the pores appear bigger. Damage from sun rays may also contribute as older people should have been exposed more to the sun than the younger ones. The sex of a person can influence how large their pores appear. Generally, men have larger pores than women.

How to minimize large pores

The general tendency is to turn to store-bought products when it comes to minimizing large pores. However, contrary to claims made by companies promoting such store-bought products, these wouldn’t shrink, at best their appearance will be minimized.

The appearance of pores can be made better by following some simple daily facial routine:

Applying moisturizing cream

– Use a gentle cleanser to clean the face. Use it at least twice a day or as often as necessary o remove oil build upon the face.
Exfoliating cleansers are especially great as they help to remove dead cells.
– Steam your face in a warm bath or cover it with a warm cloth to help open the pores and clear it of dirt.
– Use creams that help to minimize big pores to add some firmness to the skin.

While it is good to make your pores look smaller, always try to avoid over irritating the skin. Sometimes it is better to make use of methods that will prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria. Always use products that help kill any bacteria and make sure to keep away from direct sunlight. Instead of just covering the skin with the make, apply the above steps before using any recommended makeup on the skin. For some people, they’ll always have large pores but a little bit of proper facial care will help minimize these.